Survey Work for Rural Additional Project Underway

The County of Warren has established a roadway improvement project on Lake Front Road.  The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will administer the project to improve the 0.14 mile long segment of roadway which begins at the intersection of Rte. 522 and ends at the intersection with Creek Road.  Creek Road intersection improvements will also be incorporated into the project.  The existing roadway will be reconstructed, drainage improved to include a new structure over Sloan Creek, and re-paved to meet VDOT standards.  Once construction is completed, the improved roadway will be turned over to VDOT for maintenance.  The project is being funded jointly by the community of Lake Front Royal (25%), County of Warren (25%), and VDOT (50%).  At this time, VDOT has not established a firm construction start date.  However, the goal is to complete the project during the summer/fall of 2018.
As part of the early project development stages, it is necessary for the County to establish the existing roadway right-of-way limits.  This is a VDOT requirement.  Weather permitting, beginning the week of April 24, 2017 we will have our contract survey company, Brogan Land Surveying PLC, on site to identify and mark the existing road right-of-way, typically the front property corners. This work will entail locating and/or setting new front property corners, setting metal marker posts, and various wooden stakes.  This work will likely take several weeks to complete.  It may also entail Brogan’s crew entering upon the adjacent properties to identify/locate rear or side markers in order to properly tie in the front corners.  Any access to private property or disturbance will be kept to an absolute minimum.  It is imperative the survey markers are not disturbed.  Doing so only delays and adds costs to the project.  Lastly, the crew performing the stake-out work will not be knowledgeable of any construction details or schedules so they would be unable to answer any questions.  Stopping them to ask questions about the actual roadway construction project would again only slow the project down and add cost.
If you have any questions about the survey work, roadway construction, or anticipated schedule, please contact Mr. Bob Childress, Deputy County Administrator at
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