Hazardous Tree Removal Project Beginning Soon

The Lak Front Royal Sanitary District is pleased to announce the start of a major hazardous tree removal project.  The project location includes a small portion of Creek Road and the lower portion of Mountain Heights Road up to the High Ridge Road intersection. The approximately 77 large trees are located within the shoulder areas of roadways and area considered fixed object safety hazards.  In some cases they are interfering with roadside drainage and our ability to adequately mow roadside vegetation.  An area that is approximately 6’ – 8’ wide from the edge of the roadway pavement will be cleared of the larger trees.  Clearing of overhanging tree limbs will also be taking place in the work area where the trees are being removed. 

Spring Grading Operations Underway

The LFRSD is pleased to announce the start of spring grading operations.  Work was started on Monday, May 08, 2017 and is being performed by General Excavation Inc., (GEI) of Warrenton, Va., with the assistance of Warren County crews.   According to Mr. Bob Childress, Deputy County Administrator all roadways within the District will be heavy machine graded with a motor grader, high shoulders cut down where needed, roadway drainage ditches cleaned out and re-established, and fresh stone placed as needed.  Where possible, roadway and private entrance pipes will be opened.
Proper roadway grading and ditching is essential to maintain drainage and a smooth riding surface.  Currently many roadways throughout the District are rutted and full of potholes due to improper drainage.  Moisture in the roadways is needed to perform the grading operations.  The soaking rains we received late last week allowed us to begin operations which will continue as moisture allows.  If conditions dry out, we will halt operations until we receive additional rainfall.  The grading operations will necessitate men and equipment within the travel portions of the roadway, temporarily stopping traffic.  Residents are asked to be mindful of these operations and use extreme caution when traveling through our work zones.

Survey Work for Road and Drainage Study Underway

The District has contracted with Racey Engineering to develop a road & drainage study on the community’s road system.  Over the next several weeks, Racey will be investigating the current conditions and deficiencies of the existing road and drainage system.

Survey Work for Rural Additional Project Underway

The County has established a roadway improvement project on Lake Front Road.  VDOT will administer the project to improve the 0.14 mile long segment of roadway which begins at the intersection of Route 522 and ends at the intersection with Creek Road.

Temporary Road Repairs/Pot Hole Patching

Winter weather can be extremely harsh on unpaved roadways within District. Pot holes and muddy conditions can appear almost overnight.  Poor drainage conditions, constant freeze/thaw cycles, and the frequent plowing of snow during each storm adds to the problem.


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