Letter from the County Administrator - Winter 2016

As of January 1, 2017, Warren County will officially take over operational management of the Lake Front Royal Subdivision.  This will include oversite and maintenance of the subdivision’s 6.50 miles of roads and common properties including the lake and parking lot.  In order to provide guidance and advice on the development of the sanitary district budget and improvement priorities, the Board of Supervisors appointed a five-member Lake Front Royal Sanitary District Advisory Board at their November 15th meeting.  It is envisioned that the Advisory Board will be the primary point of contact for residents with questions and concerns.  A web page has been set up on the Warren County website at warrencountyva.net to provide additional information about the sanitary district.
For the foreseeable future, Deputy County Administrator Robert “Bob” Childress will provide oversight of daily operations.  Before being employed with the County, Bob had worked for the Virginia Department of Transportation for 22 years including 12 as Assistant Residency Administrator for the Luray Residency which covered Clarke, Page, and Warren Counties.  Bob knows road maintenance and road construction intimately and will be an asset for the community.  The County will track and charge the sanitary district for staff time and equipment usage as we do for our other sanitary districts.
The County has a number of local contractors under contract to provide services including grading, mowing, hauling of stone, etc.  In addition, we have an agreement with Hugh Henry to continue snow plowing operations for the remainder of the winter.
Warren County recently sent a check to pay the local 50% share ($350,000) of the Lake Front Road Rural Addition/Revenue Sharing project.  The local cost is split between the County ($175,000) and Lake Front Royal ($175,000).  To-date Lake Front Royal has provided approximately $108,000 and the remainder will be collected from delinquent collections and future sanitary district taxes.  The project will improve 0.14 miles of Lake Front Road to the Creek Road intersection, replace the substandard and deteriorating bridge, widen and improve the road to minimum VDOT standards and permanently turn the road over to the State to maintain.  As part of the project, there will need to be some relocation of improvements at the parking lot.  With the payment, VDOT will begin the design, engineering, and permitting of the project.  At this point we anticipate that this part of the process will take 6-18 months with construction in the summer of 2018.  At the end of the day the community will be provided with a safe new entrance road and bridge structure whose future maintenance will no longer be a burden bourn by the community.
A couple tasks that we will be working with the Advisory Board on in the next 12 months include:
3 Months
  • Preliminary evaluation of the road and drainage system.
  • Review of the condition of community facilities.
  • Removal of brush along roadways.
  • Development of a draft FY2017-2018 budget.
6 Months
  • Development of a capital improvement plan for the subdivision.  The plan would take into account the community’s input, traffic patterns and counts, the history of and ongoing problem maintenance areas, and input from the Advisory Board.  The goal is to have a 5-year implementation plan to make incremental improvements to the common facilities and roads as funding allows.
12 Months
  • Contract with an engineering firm to develop a road and drainage study.  The purpose of this study would be to provide a preliminary assessment of existing and proposed drainage and road improvements.  In conducting this analysis, the consultant will examine and make recommendations for improvements to the existing road system, including the stormwater conveyance system.   This study will provide the basis for road and drainage plans for future capital improvements to the road system.
On behalf of the County, we look forward to working with the Advisory Board and residents to continue to maintain and improve the infrastructure of your community.


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