High Mileage

All vehicle mileage must be filed in the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office annually by the February 15th.  If you do not meet the deadline for the current year, you may file for the following tax year.

High Mileage Application

Please bring into our office your most current unaltered original inspection slip before February 15th, to receive this deduction.  If the inspection slip does not show the exact miles as on the vehicle, you must bring in another document indicating the mileage on the vehicle.  Other documents could include oil change records, tire purchase/rotation records, or services maintenance records from an authorized dealer.

The National Automotive Dealers Association Guide (N.A.D.A.) - January Issue has a high mileage table in front of the book that determines the deduction amount to be subtracted from your value.  Please note that deductions for high mileage do not exceed 40% of trade-in value.

The following chart reflects the high mileage breakdown for 2020:

Vehicle Year          2020 Minimum Mileage  Requirement
2019 20,001
2018 35,001
2017 45,001
2016 60,001
2015 70,001
2014 85,001
2013 95,001
2012 105,001
2011 120,001
2010 130,001
2009 140,001
2008 150,001
2007 155,001
2006 165,001

For example: If your vehicle is a 2018 model year and has over 35,001 miles, you may qualify for a high mileage deduction. 

Vehicles older than model year 2006 must have over 165,001 miles in order to qualify for a high mileage deduction.

Motorcycles/Motor Homes:
  • Motorcycles or recreational vehicles (i.e. Motor Homes) do not qualify for high mileage deductions.
New Residents:
  • High mileage is due within 30 days of moving into Warren County/Town of Front Royal.
Newly Purchased Vehicles:
  • High mileage is due within 30 days of purchase of the vehicle in Warren County/Town of Front Royal.


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