Citizen Survey for Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Warren County Planning Department has created a survey to obtain citizen input regarding the establishment of a bicycle and pedestrian plan for the County.

The focus of the planning effort will be to identify specific bicycle and pedestrian routes, trails and infrastructure that will create a safe and accessible multimodal network throughout Warren County. The County is partnering with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission to complete this plan as part of the Commission’s VDOT work program. The plan will consist of potential projects that can be implemented as time and budget constraints allow, in conjuction with other transportation improvements or as stand alone projects. The planning process will have engagement from multiple departments and will include public input. The plan’s schedule has been condensed to both keep committee members engaged and to get a plan initiated quickly.

To complete the survey, please click here.

For citizens who do not have access to a computer, a hard copy of the survey can be picked up at the Government Center in the Planning Office (Suite 400) or they can call the office at phone number 540-636-3354 and request that one be mailed to them.

Planning Director, Taryn Logan, is encouraging citizens to complete the survey. “I encourage citizens to take the time to complete this survey to provide input as we begin the process of creating a bicycle and pedestrian plan. We hope to create a plan that will address the identification of a multimodal network connecting destinations throughout the County and that will identify ways to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety in our community.”

The survey has questions regarding walking and biking in our community, such as helping to idenfity transportation routes for future sidewalks and/or bike lanes. Zoning Officer, Joe Petty, states that, “Previous community surveys and activity on the County’s current trails have shown there is an interest in developing more multimodal infrastructure.” The survey also addresses the type of walking or bicycling taking place in the County, which will help identify potential growth opportunities for different uses.

For questions or additional information, contact Joe Petty at (540) 636-3354.