Community Encouraged to Create Smart911 Profiles

Warren County and the Town of Front Royal are urging the community to sign up for Smart911 to enable Coronavirus awareness for first responders. The “Take Control, Let Us Know” campaign empowers individuals to share critical medical information through Smart911 for more informed emergency response. 

As Warren County and the Town of Front Royal prepare for and respond to the spread of COVID-19, public health and safety officials are strongly encouraging the community to sign up for the Smart911 national safety profile registry, a free service that allows individuals and families to provide critical medical information to 9-1-1 and first responders. The County and Town are launching the “Take Control, Let Us Know” campaign to empower the community to take action, and provide valuable and accurate health data that increases the awareness of 9-1-1, first responders, and Emergency Management to an individual’s risk level for Coronavirus.

Members of our community are looking for ways to improve the safety of their families, friends and neighbors as Coronavirus spreads. By signing up for Smart911, individuals can help first responders get the key information they need about every person who may need assistance, not only during this outbreak, but during any emergency.

Individuals can create a Smart911 Safety Profile for their household at or on a mobile device through the Smart911 app that provides critical medical information for those who may be at higher risk of developing a serious COVID-19 illness. As identified by the CDC, the vulnerable population includes older adults, and those with a history of chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, respiratory conditions, and compromised immune systems. When an individual calls 9-1-1, his/her Smart911 Safety Profile is automatically displayed, allowing public safety agencies to send emergency response teams to the right location with enhanced medical data.

Individuals can additionally self-identify if they are under quarantine, and whether it is self-imposed or directed by a health professional. The Smart911 App allows quarantined individuals to receive check-in messages on their health status. Smart911 also allows individuals to sign up for alerts from Warren County and Town of Front Royal officials to receive reliable information about the ever-changing Coronavirus situation. Individuals who sign up will also receive tailored alerts based on their specific needs and geographic location. With enhanced Coronavirus awareness, individuals and first responders have vital information to take proper precautions.

“As Coronavirus continues to be a major public health concern, we are doing everything we can to prepare, respond, and mitigate risk to those in our community who need assistance,” said Richard Mabie, Warren County Coordinator of Emergency Services. “The information provided in a Smart911 Safety Profile enables us to know who is at the greatest risk in our community. We can provide individuals with critical updates based on their location and health history. Ultimately, Smart911 gives our community the chance to be proactive, and lets us know who requires our services. We urge the residents of Warren County and the Town of Front Royal to Take Control, Let Us Know. Sign up for Smart911, and help us address the Coronavirus outbreak.”

To sign up, visit or download the Smart911 app to your mobile device through the Apple Store or Google Play.

This is a rapidly changing situation, and the most current information is available on the following websites: or  Please consult for the latest number of COVID-19 cases in Virginia.

Additionally, you can find local information on the Warren County COVID-19 website:, the County of Warren, VA Facebook page, or the Town of Front Royal COVID-19 website:


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