Capital Improvement Plan Update

Each year the Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District (SFSD) updates it’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The CIP which contains 20 projects, includes VDOT Revenue Cost Sharing projects as well as internal projects funded entirely by the Sanitary District. The CIP serves as a blue print for improvements throughout the Sanitary District and currently has $6.1 million worth of approved projects.  During his quarterly report to the Shenandoah Farms Property Owners Association Board on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017, acting Sanitary District Manager, Bob Childress reminded the Board it was time to begin the CIP revision process for Fiscal Year 2017/18.  The revision process normally begins in January and ends in June, with the adoption of the new plan being put into place on July 1st.  The revision process allows for completed projects to be removed, estimates updated, new projects added, and priorities adjusted if needed.  Childress will be working with the POSF Board over the next few months to develop a draft plan.  Once a draft plan is in place it will be considered for approval by the  Warren County Board of Supervisors after a Public Hearing is conducted, usually in June of each year.   Childress and the POSF Board encourages residents to get involved in the update process and to submit potential projects over the coming weeks, they feel should be considered.  Resident questions about the CIP revision process or potential projects should be referred to Childress or their POSF Board member.


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