FY 2016/2017 Capital Improvement Plan

After receiving public comment at a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 the Warren County Board of Supervisors took action to approve the Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District FY 2016/17 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The CIP contains a total of twenty (20) projects with a total estimated cost of $6,163,256.00.  There are ten (10) proposed Rural Addition projects which will be funded jointly through VDOT’s Revenue Sharing Program at (50%), the County (25%), and Sanitary District Budget (25%).  The ten (10) other internal projects will be funded through the Sanitary District Budget and other sources.  The approved CIP is not fully funded.  However, there is approximately $468,700 set aside in reserves as a result of FY 2010-2014 budget surpluses and other revenues that can be applied to the CIP projects.   The highest priority projects will be funded first with the remaining projects addressed as future budgets and surpluses allow.
We were successful in completing four (4) CIP projects last year.  The projects completed and removed from the plan include the Old Oak Lane Phase II and III Rural Addition projects, as well as the construction of cul-de-sacs at te end of Jennings Farm Court and Honey Farm Lane.  Several new projects have been added to the updated plan including the final phase of Old Oak Lane and a portion of Lake Drive.
A draft of the CIP was officially presented to the Property Owners of Shenandoah Farms Advisory Board (POSF) in mid-March 2016 for review and discussion.  After considering the Advisory Board’s  input the CIP was further refined.  The POSF Board took official action at their April 21, 2016 executive meeting to recommend approval of the CIP to the Board of Supervisors.  
The CIP will be reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure it meets the needs of the Shenandoah Farms community.  Working with the POSF Advisory Board, we’ve established a long-term, focused approach to the development of projects and upgrading of roadways to turn over to VDOT for maintenance.  This  includes a prioritized “network” of some of the most heavily traveled roadways with ongoing maintenance issues that would benefit the most residents.
Our primary goal for the coming year is to complete several more Rural Addition paving projects which include Pine Ridge Road Phase I, Copenhaver Road, Western Lane Phase I, and Fellow Drive Phase III so that they can be turned over to the Virginia Department of Transportation.  We will also be focusing our attention on completing some of the internal projects to include the Drummer Hill Road pavement upgrades, Myers/Farms Riverview Road paving improvements, and several cul-de-sacs.


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