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Warren County Treasurer

Commissioner of the Revenue

220 North Commerce Avenue
Suite 800
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Telephone: (540) 635-2215
Fax: (540) 636-4870
220 North Commerce Avenue
Suite 900
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Telephone: (540) 635-2651
Fax: (540) 636-8280

Active Volunteer & Rescue Personnel

Forms are to be picked up from the individual Fire Company Chiefs or the Fire & Rescue Services Department in the Warren County Public Safety Building, located at 200 Skyline Vista Drive, Front Royal. Any questions concerning certification should be directed to Chief Richard Mabie at (540) 636-3830.

Airplanes & Aircraft

Aircraft is currently a separate category for taxation under Personal Property which has a current rate of $0.75 per $100.00 for the year 2019.


Assessments are based on clean trade-in values from the January issue of the N.A.D.A. (National Automotive Dealers Association) guide.


All persons who own a business or who own business equipment (including furniture and fixtures) are required to file an annual Personal Property Form 762-B with the Commissioner of the Revenue by February 15th. Equipment/ furniture and fixtures are assessed by percentage of original costs. (Percentage range 70%-10%)  Business personal property taxes are NOT prorated.  If the property parked, garaged, or located in Warren County on January 1 of the current tax year, then it is a taxable item for that year.



There are various exemptions provided by the Warren County Code including those for certified pollution control equipment and facilities, recycling equipment and facilities, and farm animals, feed, and equipment.


The Warren County Code has a specific procedure for the filing of returns as well as penalties should the filing be done improperly or not in a timely manner.


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  220 N. Commerce Avenue
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